POPULAR PLASTIC GROUP established in 1985, today is one of the largest manufactures, producing the widest range of plastic wares in Myanmar(Burma). We have been joining together with the technologies and methods of Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Germany to produce the Quality products since 1996.

The ever growing demands of plastic products and our capabilities to meet the market demands considerably have enabled us to become a leading manufacture in Myanmar. We are known for making highest quality plastic products at affordable prices as well as a very wide product range technological innovation, highest quality standards, spotless service record and a long lists of satisfied customers.


SOGO is the number one brand of electrical accessories in Myanmar with a product range that is truly vast. More than 100 different electrical accessories are manufactured with Taiwan technology and SOGO switches, sockets, plugs, chokes, lamp frames and high quality trunking pipes are widely manufactured to all Divisions, and States in Myanmar. According to our customers’ requirements, we have certified quality and full respect of delivery term. As a leading supplier of decorative electrical products, SOGO Electrical Industry is a superior quality standard company, including within its profile extensive ranges of wiring accessories for all applications and markets.


Helping Solve the Most Ubiquitous Piping Systems of Myanmar(Burma) SOGO PVC PIPES are extruded from a straight unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compound, manufactured with Hi- tech of Germany and are available in sizes ” to 12” diameter. Their high mechanical strength and low weight ratio, coupled with exceptional non-corrosion and chemical resistance make them ideal for all major pipe using industries. SOGO PVC Pipes can be manufactured to any customer specified international standard and supplied within short lead times. SOGO pipe Factory has also been producing colorful corner sticks which used in rows for covering walls and floors : ceramic floor tiles.